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A. Due Date. No later than February 1st of each year, each park owner shall file an annual registration statement, on a form provided by the city manager.

B. Contents of Registration Form. The registration forms shall include the name(s), business address(es), and business telephone number(s) of each person or legal entity possessing an ownership interest in the park and the nature of such interest; the number of mobile home spaces within the park; a rent schedule reflecting the current space rents within the park; a listing of all other charges, including utilities not included in space rent, paid by mobile home owners within the park and the approximate amount of each such charge; the name and address to which all required notices and correspondence may be sent; and other information required by the city manager.

C. Certification of Registration Forms. All registration forms, and any documentation accompanying any registration forms, shall contain an affidavit or declaration, signed by the park owner or a designated agent, with his/her signature notarized, certifying that the information contained therein is true, correct and complete.

D. Notice of Sale of a Park. Upon the sale or transfer of a mobile home park, the seller or transferor shall notify the city manager of the sale or transfer and of the name and address of the buyer or transferee. Within ten days of the sale or transfer of a mobile home park, the buyer or transferee shall provide a new registration form.

E. Notice to Prospective Park Purchasers. The park owner shall provide prospective park purchasers with a copy of this chapter and notice that the following would be a prerequisite to filing a rent increase application pursuant to Sections 5.72.100 and 5.72.110:

1. A statement of the base year income, expenses, and net operating income of the park with a breakdown of income and expenses by category.

2. Documents supporting the amounts reported in the income and expense statement. (Ord. 2011-05 § 1 (Exh. A), 2011)