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A. Subject to the limitations stated in this section, upon the closure of an in-place transfer or other conveyance of a mobile home subject to this chapter the park owner may increase the space rent by five percent.

B. No increase may be imposed pursuant to this section when an existing mobile home owner or resident replaces an existing mobile home with another mobile home, occupying the same mobile home space.

C. No increase may be imposed pursuant to this section where title to the mobile home passes to one or more person(s) who, at the time of the title transfer, (1) was/were also lawful, authorized resident(s) of the mobile home, or (2) were/are parents, siblings, children, nieces, or nephews of the mobile home owner and the mobile home remains in the same space.

D. No increase may be imposed pursuant to this section if an increase was imposed pursuant to this section within the twenty-four-month period preceding the most recent transaction that would justify the increase pursuant to this section.

E. Rent increases authorized by this section shall be in addition to any other space rent increases authorized by this chapter. (Ord. 2011-05 § 1 (Exh. A), 2011)