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A. Exemptions Provided by State Law. As of August 2011, the following exemptions from local rent regulations are provided by state law:

1. Spaces that are subject to a lease which exempts that space from rent regulation pursuant to the California Mobilehome Residency Law, California Civil Code Section 798 et seq.

2. New mobile home park spaces which are exempted pursuant to Civil Code Section 798.45.

3. Spaces which are not the principal residence of the mobile home owner, which are exempt pursuant to Civil Code Section 798.21.

The purpose of this subsection is to provide information about exemptions based on state law which preempts local law, rather than to provide any basis for an exemption based on this chapter.

B. Units Owned or Operated by Government Agencies. This chapter shall not apply to mobile homes or mobile home parks owned or operated by any governmental agency or any rental unit whose rent is subsidized pursuant to a public program that limits the rent that can be charged for the mobile home.

C. Mobile Home Parks with Less Than Ten Spaces. This chapter shall not be applicable to spaces in mobile home parks with less than ten spaces. (Ord. 2011-05 § 1 (Exh. A), 2011)